Capability Building Company

Fazal introduces an innovative approach toward new ideas.

About Fazal

Founded by M.Subhan Sarwar, Fazal birthed from his previous experiences in luxury real estate and development. These experiences evolved with the pure vision of advancing the dynamics of residential real estate


Fazal is committed to applying vertical and innovative approaches creating an advance and 1 stop solution which covers 3 main domains of Fazal's services. We are committed to providing a level of service that is based on our experience and deep understanding of our clients' needs.


Project Planning and Development consultancy-Advisory

Planning the complete project sourcing land, Design, architecture design, and interior design. A complete bespoke solution at one stop to curate finer lifestyles.

IT Services

Facilitating from our platform and capabilities. Introduction of open system web system, infrastructure, app development software development, and AI development.

Business Development consultancy

Bespoke engage with consultation and solution. Nurturing client's aspirations with personalized service. We provide real-time analytics covering area analytics, competitor analytics, result, visibility scoring, and suggestions.


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